Tax Reform

Evaluating Year-end Planning Opportunities Amid Tax Reform Uncertainty

Year-end 2020 represents a unique window to contemplate planning opportunities, as taxpayers face a dilemma: act now in 2020 to lock in potential tax savings or wait until 2021 to see whether President-elect Joe Biden’s tax proposals1 will gain traction in Congress. The risk is future tax reform could potentially be applied retroactively to January 1, which, while rare is not unprecedented. The outlook for tax reform legislation in 2021 largely hinges on which party controls the Senate; Republicans currently hold a narrow edge (50-48), with the final two seats—both for Georgia—to be decided in special run-off elections2 on January

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Top Year-End Investing Tips

Just what you need, right? One more time-consuming task to be taken care of between now and the end of the year. But taking a little time to make some strategic saving and investing decisions before December 31 can affect not only your long-term ability to meet your financial goals but also the amount of taxes you’ll owe next April. Look at the forest, not just the trees The first step in your year-end investment planning process should be a review of your overall portfolio. That review can tell you whether you need to rebalance. If one type of investment

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Is Your Portfolio as Vulnerable Now as it Was in 1999

Is Your Portfolio as Vulnerable Now as it Was in 1999?

Probably not, but caution is still warranted. In your role as a retirement Plan Sponsor – or plan participant for that matter – it’s likely you benefited from the sharp rally stocks experienced since March. You know probably stand distinctly in one of two camps: A. You feel confident stocks will continue to perform well, and you may even be somewhat complacent given the gut-wrenching volatility we felt earlier this year is now a fading memory. B. You are nervous about investments, the economy, and a lot more, and feel compelled to liquidate a portion of your stock holdings (if

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Azzad Asset Management Podcast and Market Recap

Market Recap: Third Quarter 2020

The third quarter of 2020 produced the second consecutive quarter of notable market gains, with volatility (as measured by the CBOE Volatility Index or “VIX”) decreasing consistently throughout the quarter. Behind the headline numbers, however, there was still cause for concern. Three large themes emerged during the quarter, especially during the latter half. First, U.S. dollar weakness beginning late March reversed course and strengthened 1.9 percent in September. In our view, U.S. dollar strength signaled that effects of monetary stimulus began to wane. Second, expectations for another round of fiscal stimulus appeared to fade quickly in September, which lead to

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