GameStop FAQs by Azzad Asset Management

GameStop FAQs

Here’s a quick guide to the market frenzy you’ve seen in the headlines. What is GameStop and why does everyone care? GameStop is a brick-and-mortar video game chain that hit hard times in the pandemic. Like many distressed companies, it was targeted by short sellers betting that the stock’s price would go down.1 Basically, short sellers do the opposite of most investors. They try to make money when a stock’s price falls. They borrow shares from their brokerage for a fee, immediately sell them, and plan to buy them back later at a lower price when the price falls. Shorting

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Halal-Investing-101-Back-to-Basics - Azzad Asset Management

Halal Investing 101: Back to Basics

The complex world of investing can be daunting for American Muslim investors. To make it more accessible, let’s look at some investing basics through the lens of Islamic finance and go over the halal options available in the United States. Stocks and bonds  There are many kinds of investments available in the U.S., a number of which we’ll discuss later in this piece. The most common publicly traded investments are stocks and bonds. So, let’s start with those. Stocks represent ownership shares of a publicly traded company, including a claim to a share of the corporation’s assets and earnings. When

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Azzad Asset Management Podcast and Market Recap

Market Recap: Fourth Quarter 2020

During a period marked by a resurgent pandemic and political uncertainty, the fourth quarter of 2020 was a robust one for stocks, with each of the major indexes posting double-digit gains. Despite the turmoil and early-year losses, all major benchmark indexes closed 2020 well ahead of their 2019 closing marks. On the last day of the year, the S&P 500 ended at an all-time high. The November presidential election resulted in the defeat of President Donald Trump by former Vice President Joe Biden, with the post-election period dominated by attempts to overturn the results through federal courts and state legislatures.

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Azzad joins investor coalition to push for social media controls

Earlier this week, Azzad helped draft letters to Alphabet, Facebook and Twitter calling on their boards to take all necessary steps to address their role in enabling and facilitating violence at the U.S. Capitol and at state houses across the country in the run-up to inauguration day. Boards bear responsibility for ensuring that the enormous risks to both the business and to the public interest are mitigated. Content must be flagged and promotional algorithms that spread misinformation and hate speech must be disabled. As investors in the technology sector, we have a responsibility to ensure the companies we hold address

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