Twitter IPO: To invest or not to invest?

It’s official. The bird began trading on Wall Street last week with its IPO surging over 70% bringing the company’s value to more than $25 billion. According to Wall Street’s valuation, each Twitter user is worth around $110. At its peak, shares were trading at 45.8 times revenue over the past 12 months (compared to Facebook’s IPO which debuted at 26 times revenue). Even at its IPO price of $26 a share, Twitter was branded the most expensive IPO in U.S. history relative to revenue. Now that retail investors can purchase the stock, should they? I believe there’s great potential

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The United States: An undiscovered market for Islamic finance?

Is the United States an undiscovered market for Islamic finance? That’s the question a group of industry professionals convened to answer on November 4 at the inaugural Islamic Finance Conference in Washington, DC. The event, whose program included sessions exploring everything from how to source Islamic capital in the United States to the relationship between socially responsible investing and Islam, was intended to serve as a meeting place to help interested parties come together and advance the cause of Islamic finance in the U.S. “It’s really about creating opportunities for everyone,” said Roy Michael, executive director of the Malaysia-US Chamber of

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A slice of sukuk from the Big Apple?

On the heels of Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement that the UK will issue a sovereign sukuk, a New York state senator is passionately making the case that New York needs to be in the sukuk business. “New York is open for business,” said state Senator Kevin Parker, a Democrat from Brooklyn. “I want to see New York, not London, as the next capital of Islamic finance.” Parker was speaking in his capacity as state senator from New York’s 21st Senate District at the 2013 Islamic Finance Conference in Washington, DC. The conference, whose agenda included sessions exploring everything from

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Islamic inheritance: Myth versus fact

Myth:  I live in America where there are no Islamic courts.  Islamic inheritance is too complicated to be enforced in the United States. Since I have to live by the law of the land, I can’t plan for an Islamic inheritance. Fact: In the United States, you can plan your inheritance through a last will and testament or a trust to make sure your Islamic heirs inherit from you. While Islamic inheritance is complex, you can take advantage of publicly available software, charts, and guidelines to help you determine the share of inheritance that should go to your surviving heirs. However, stay

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