Setting up a special needs trust

If you have a child or other loved one with special needs, you may want to establish a special needs trust. A special needs trust is an estate planning tool that can help you provide for the needs of an individual who is disabled without jeopardizing his or her eligibility for government benefits. A qualified attorney can help you establish and administer this type of trust. Unlike other types of trust often used in estate planning, the primary goal of a special needs trust is to provide for the needs of an individual who is disabled throughout his or her life. Federal and state

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Finding the right halal contract

NOTE: Although we do not offer Islamic mortgage contracts at Azzad Asset Management—focusing instead on halal investments like the Azzad Ethical Wrap Program and the Azzad Funds—our financial planners want to make sure clients understand the depth and scope of financial products in the marketplace. As fiduciaries, we put the interests of our clients first and want to make sure they are making informed decisions in all facets of their financial lives. The subject of financial contracts and their permissibility according to Islam is a complex one. Shari’ah-compliant contracts are regularly sought out by American Muslims looking to align their

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Year-end charitable giving

As the end of the year approaches, charitable giving often comes to mind. Charitable giving can be enhanced using income tax deductions, and so it can be much more effective when it is included as part of your year-end tax planning. Example(s):   Assume you are considering making a charitable gift equal to the sum of $1,000 plus the income taxes you save with the charitable deduction. With a 28% tax rate, you might be able to give $1,389 to charity ($1,389 x 28% = $389 taxes saved). On the other hand, with a 35% tax rate, you might be able

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Twitter IPO: To invest or not to invest?

It’s official. The bird began trading on Wall Street last week with its IPO surging over 70% bringing the company’s value to more than $25 billion. According to Wall Street’s valuation, each Twitter user is worth around $110. At its peak, shares were trading at 45.8 times revenue over the past 12 months (compared to Facebook’s IPO which debuted at 26 times revenue). Even at its IPO price of $26 a share, Twitter was branded the most expensive IPO in U.S. history relative to revenue. Now that retail investors can purchase the stock, should they? I believe there’s great potential

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